Aerial Imagery and LiDAR data for risks prevention in Haïti

200 flight hours over the Caribbean 

In 2014, the World Bank has funded a project to achieve the national coverage of Haïti with aerial imagery and LiDAR data and produce an accurate orthophoto and Digital Terrain Model (DTM). As part of the Reconstruction and Risk and Disaster Management project, the objective was to respond a strong demand in different fields such as:

  • Agriculture, Agrarian Reform, Food Security;
  • Urbanism, Environment management, Infrastructure;
  • Tourism, Thematic Mapping, Topography... 

IMAO worked on the first step of the project and realized aerial data acquisition over the whole country, more the 14 most important cities. 

Technical specifications:

Superficie: 27 751 km2

Sensor LiDAR: LM6800 (RIEGL-IGI)

Sensor Photo: H60-35mm 

Imagery GSD: 25cm country, 10cm cities

LiDAR density: 0,5pt/m2 Country, 1pt/m2 Cities

Images: 71 000

Flight hours: 200 hours online