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IF you have a REQUEST FOR A project, please contact our representatives:

WebGeo Urbimap/Ubick: Mrs. Valérie Alliaume - val@imao-fr.com - Linkedin

France: Mr. Pierre Farout - pfa@imao-fr.com - Linkedin 

Europe: Mr. Hervé Pichon - hep@imao-fr.com - Linkedin

Africa: Mr. Laurent Meignan - lme@imao-fr.com - Linkedin

Latin America and Caribbean (Panamá): Mrs. Marion Farout - bul@imao-fr.com - Linkedin

Middle East, Asia and Oceania (Kuala Lumpur): Mr. Eric Broussouloux - ebr@imao-fr.com - Linkedin 


For any FURTHER REQUEST, Please complete the below FORM:

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